TRAUMA - min dotter brännskadades på kemilektionen i skolan

Detta är min dotter Lee´s redogörelse för vad som hände på hennes högstadieskola i Malmö luciadagen den 13 december 1999.

Den dagen då allt förändrades.

När detta hände så ställdes både hennes och mitt (och alla som älskade henne) liv på ända och det var en lång resa att ta sig igenom för oss alla.

Många tårar och många frågetecken som aldrig rätades ut.

Jag kommer att fortsätta skriva om detta.Skriva från min vinkel - så som jag upplevde det - Bitte

My worst experience - my own words

My worst experience, happened when I studied in 8:th grade.

It was winter the year of 1999, Lucia the 13 december.

I remembered that it was a good day and I was in a very good mood.

In the morning at 8 a´ clock, the whole school went to the gymnastic hall

and watched the 9:th grade sing christmas-songs.

When it was over, the whole class ate some lunch and had a break.

After the break, we were going to have a chemistry lesson.

We were just girls in the class, the boys were in another classroom with another teacher.

My teacher Kent, showed us how to worm some water and later on, do something with the water, I can´t remember.

I have always been the girl that are so "FLAMSIG" and always in a mood to talk.

That day, I remember what I wore a special sort of clothes, synthetics.The latest fashion you know.

I wore a transparent sweather, with a "KOFTA" over it and black pants.

Why I remember the clothes is, because that clothes saved my life, most of my life.

Specially the "KOFTA".

I worked together with a girl in my class, Necmie.

We put on the gas from a crane with two "SLANGAR", there was two cranes in one.

My teacher Kent went out of the classroom, to get something.

In that moment, I don´t remember so much, because I´ve got an blackout.

But WHAT I remember is, that I lwas laying down on the table, near the crane and suddenly I felt for turning the other crane on.

I don´t know why, thing´s I just feel like, sometimes.

That second when I did that, I can just remember the flames all over my face.

Everybody were screaming inside the classroom. I was burning and on fire. My face.

What I remember, everybody just stood there and looked, I just felt a heat in my face, just like

burning yourself on the oven.

I "KASTADE" myself on the floor and "SLÄCKTE" the fire.

My teacher went in, and he went in chock. -Oh, you better go to the nursery.

The only thing I said in 3 minuts was : Do you have a mirror? Give me a mirror, I want to see my self.

What happened?....over and over again.

I went into chock and didn´t understand what just happened to me.

When I saw myself in the mirror, I started to cry and scream.

My personality is gone, I thought.

My face, that´s the only thing and everything for me.

The nursury in school, called my parents and an ambulance.

In the same time, I sat under the crane with ice cold water

running all over my face. I remember that it was so nice.

The ambulance took to long to get there so the nurse at school drived me to the hospital.

I had so much pain in the car. Well on the hospital, I got mad at the doctors,

because they didn´t do anything.

They left me some "KYL-PÅSAR" and some pills, to cool me down.

I took the pills, but not the "KYL-PÅSAR".

My parents came and everybody started to cry.

I just sat under the ice cold water for hours.

The doctor said that it wasn't good for me to do that, but the only thing I said was:

Sorry, I can´t lay down, It hurts so much so I got to sit here under the water.

I was in chock. Ever since I was a little child my mother always told me that water

will cure everything and one day when I was sick and had inflammation in my ears

she found me under the running water by the zink in the kitchen - I wanted to pour

the water in my ears so I would be well again.That´s me in a nutshell.

The whole day I sat for 7 hours under cold water, it was real hard pain.

Later on, they gave me more pills and then I could lay down and watch a movie and then go to sleep.

The next morning, I was "ISOLERAD" for two days. My friends were on the hospital to visit me,

they had to sit 5 meters from me. No hugs or kisses to comfort me,but it was many people to see me that day.

I remembered, I got candy,gifts,flowers, but most of all I liked the postcard from the whole school.

It was a real big postcard, about 20-30 students and all teachers had wrote things on it to me.

That ment a lot to me. I know were my friends were for me.

The 5:th day, I had permission to go home to be nursed, but I had no permission to go outside.

One week later, I went to Gran Canaria, Playa del Ingles with my grand mother.The doctors didn´t like that.

It could be dangerous in the sun. I needed to wear a big hat so the sun wouldn´t hit me in the face.

I looked like Rudolph with the red nose.

Today, I´m very glad that I don´t have a scare in my face. That, was the only thing that worried me then!

Today if I are sunbathing I get a very red face and on my ears because my skin is so thin now,but

I had luck, God was on my side and helped me then.I am happy for that.

If I didn´t weared the "KOFTA",the transparent sweather would have burned into my body.

Thank God!!!

The End